The play is composed of three acts, each involving different characters but all set in Suite 719 of New York City’s Plaza Hotel.

The first act, Visitor From Mamaroneck, introduces the audience to not-so-blissfully wedded couple Sam and Karen Nash, who are revisiting their honeymoon suite in an attempt by Karen to bring the love back into their marriage. Her plan backfires and the two become embroiled in a heated argument about whether or not Sam is having an affair with his secretary. 

The second act, Visitor from Hollywood, involves a meeting between movie producer Jesse Kiplinger and his old flame, suburban housewife Muriel Tate. Muriel—aware of his reputation as a smooth-talking ladies’ man—has come for nothing more than a chat between old friends, promising herself she will not stay too long. Jesse, however, has other plans in mind.

The third act, Visitor from Forest Hills, revolves around married couple Roy and Norma Hubley on their daughter Mimsey’s wedding day. In a rush of nervousness, Mimsey has locked herself in the suite’s bathroom and refuses to leave. Her parents make frantic attempts to cajole her into attending her wedding while the gathered guests await the trio’s arrival downstairs


  • Aaron Barksdale as Sam Nash and Jesse Kiplinger

  • Natalie Delk as Karen Nash and Muriel Tate

  • Rick Roberts as Roy Hubley

  • Debbie Waltman as Norma Hubley

  • Frank Bates as Bellhop & Waiter

  • Sarah Cunningham as Jean McCormack

  • Trevor Delk as Borden Eisler

  • Gabby Kyzar as Mimsey Hubley 


  • Joelle May, Director

  • Jill Laiche Sullivan, Asst. Direct/Stage Manager

  • Kelly Smith, Lights & Sound

  • Producer, Chris Wiggins

  • Eve Noelle Hildebrant, Concessions Chair